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Laura Mann licensed acupuncturist at Wildflower Acupuncture


Come experience the healing power of acupuncture and herbal medicine for yourself. Our licensed and board certified acupuncturist, Laura Mann, offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Let us help you find your truest alignment so you can enjoy all the beauty this life has to offer.

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My Story

Hi, I'm Laura Mann! My interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine was sparked many years ago when I was struggling with chronic neck pain, TMJ, and migraines. I was constantly "throwing my neck out" to the point where I couldn't even turn my head. It was excruciating. I woke up with my jaw aching and my migraines were putting me in the ER. Like many people who come to my office now, I had tried everything that western medicine had to offer and nothing was working. After a steroid injection sparked a case of shingles, I knew there had to be another alternative. Luckily, I tried acupuncture and was finally able to get relief physically and I learned to retrain my mind/ body connection to break my chronic pain patterns. I knew immediately that I wanted to help others find relief and break patterns of tension and pain. I understand how pain can take over your life. It makes focusing on work and being present for those around you very challenging. I love helping others find freedom from pain and get back to living! Two are Laura's specialties are providing acupuncture for TMJ and acupuncture for migraines.


My undergraduate degree is a BFA in musical theatre from Syracuse University and performing was my life for many years. While performing with the national tour Phantom of the Opera (along with my singer husband Chris Mann), I took all of the western pre-med prerequisites, left the show, and returned to LA to start studying acupuncture and herbal medicine full time. I graduated magna cum laude with a masters degree in Acupuncture and Herbal medicine from Emperor's College and am now pursuing the Doctor of Acupuncture degree. Because of my history, I have a special understanding of the physical and emotional demands of performers and provides acupuncture for vocal recovery for professional singers as well as Broadway and TV performers in the office or on location. 

My father is a well respected reproductive endocrinologist and understanding the in and outs of fertility, egg freezing, IUI, IVF, embryo transfers, etc., is part of my DNA. I have been overhearing and absorbing my dad's calls and dictations since I was born and am very lucky to have him a text away as a consultant for my practice. On a personal note, I was told at 35 that my ovarian reserve was very low and that I was borderline peri-menopausal. So, I decided to freeze my eggs because I was in a Broadway touring company and not ready to start a family. The egg retrieval was not very successful, but did produce one single embryo. Two years later, I did acupuncture regularly when trying to conceive my first child and happily was quickly pregnant. 3 years later, when trying to conceive a second time, I had two brutal back to back miscarriages. But, with acupuncture and the addition of Chinese herbs, I was finally able to have a second child. I am passionate about helping couples achieve their family goals with fertility acupuncture, and I am a very compassionate and understanding hand to hold along your fertility journey. I use the latest research to determine the most effective protocols for treatment to yield the best possible results for my fertility patients.


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